The Power of One Voice sensitively lifts Rachel Carson from “the pesticide lady” to a profound and prophetic voice for our time. Features a moving, rare interview with her son, Roger.

- Robert Musil, President and CEO, The Rachel Carson Council, Inc.

The Film


The Power of One Voice: A 50 Year Perspective on the Life of Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson is widely regarded as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. She grew up in Springdale, Pennsylvania, where she witnessed first-hand the beauty and genius of nature juxtaposed with the ecological devastation caused by industrialization. Carson’s widely recognized talent as a writer, combined with her deep knowledge of the natural world, made her a potent advocate for the use of precaution when working with biological systems. In 1962 her best-selling book, Silent Spring, awoke the environmental consciousness of America with poignant words of caution in the face of rapidly advancing scientific progress.

This documentary film pulls insights from a variety of speakers at a 50-year anniversary celebration of Silent Spring held at Chatham University and The National Aviary on May 11-12, 2012. Rachel Carson’s adopted son, Roger Christie, her biographer, Linda Lear, and other notable writers, scientists and advocates reflect on the impact and lessons learned from her life and work.

Today, Rachel Carson stands as a role model and inspiration for people across the globe, even as the controversy created by her challenge to the chemical industry continues unabated. We hope that, by highlighting the power of Carson’s voice, we may inspire others to add their voices to this essential conversation.

~Mark Dixon and Patricia DeMarco

The Team

Mark Dixon


Mark graduated from Stanford University in 1997 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He started his technology career in Silicon Valley, but as evidence for global warming and resource depletion moved into prominent view, Mark decided to refocus his life on tackling those issues, launching the award-winning documentary "YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip" in 2006 with his college buddy, Ben Evans. Mark is currently working on several new film projects spanning Solar Roadways, the Green Building Alliance, and Schwartz Living Market. Mark is a board member of the Thomas Merton Center.

Patricia DeMarco, Ph.D.

Executive Producer

Patricia received a doctorate in genetics from The University of Pittsburgh and worked as an energy and environmental policy analyst from1977 to 2006. Rachel Carson inspired her career and her personal passion for the living earth. DeMarco was immersed in the life and legacy of Rachel Carson from 2006 to 2012 while serving as the Executive Director of the Rachel Carson Homestead Association in Springdale, and as Director of the Rachel Carson Institute at Chatham University where she retains a position as Senior Scholar. She writes and speaks extensively on Rachel Carson’s environmental ethic.

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